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We are the Ottawa and area dealer for Gliding Shelf Solutions Inc. We provide a free consultation, custom measurements, and the professional installation that comes with every Gliding Shelf product.

Gliding Shelf Solutions Inc. design and manufacture their gliding shelves in Ontario. Their product is designed to retro fit your existing cabinets and furniture. Gliding shelves can be applied in existing cabinets, pantries, armoires, linen closets and even motor homes (RV’s). The process is easy and affordable, with minimal disruption to achieve the maximum results.

Gliding Shelf pull-out shelves create more space and accessibility, thereby keeping you organized and making your life easier. Our Gliding Shelf pull-out shelves are custom built to fit your cabinets. They are made to the highest standards and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Our rails are commercial grade steel that extend fully and hold up to 100 pounds. They are also removable for easy cleaning.

Pull-out shelves make it easy to see and access all the items in your cabinets and increases your useable space. Pull-out shelves not only keep you organized, but they save you time as well. No more getting on your knees to look for items!Just pull out the shelf and see exactly where everything is.



Gliding Shelf Solutions Inc. design pull-out shelves for every cabinet in the kitchen. Applications include pot & pan drawers, pantries, under sinks, hidden corners, small appliance storage, vegetable bins and spice racks.

Rolling shelves help to organize, de-clutter and maximize every inch of your cabinet space. With one simple motion the entire contents of a shelf, especially those against the back wall, can be pulled out of the cabinet. This allows you easy and complete access.

Our pull-out shelves eliminate wasted time and the painful effort of looking for and retrieving items at the back of cabinets. Our shelving solutions offer renewed independence to seniors, as well as individuals with physical challenges. Being able to see the back of your pantry eliminates buying grocery items you already have, saving you money, time, and stress.

You may even choose to increase the shelf area in your cabinets by adding a second or third tier of pull-out shelves. Converting your existing cabinetry with pull-out shelves is an affordable solution - no need for an expensive renovation!


Bathroom vanities and the space under your sinks are commonly underused and mismanaged. These areas can be difficult to access with ordinary shelving units due to tight spaces and plumbing fixtures.

We can provide an extraordinary variety of Gliding Shelf options designed to double the useable shelf space under your sink. Our pull-out shelves will keep you better organized, give you better accessibility and keep your counter tops uncluttered.

Pull out shelf product details

All of our Birch pull-out shelves come with a lifetime warranty. Your pull- out shelves will get used every day for years to come, so it is important to invest in a high quality product that works and is guaranteed to last. Due to the years of daily use that your rolling shelves will endure, we use only the highest quality materials that won’t break, warp, or crack from expected use.

Every pull-out shelf is custom made by our expert Canadian craftsmen to perfectly fit your cabinets, pantry and/or furniture. Our industrial strength steel rails, combined with our premium wood construction and professional installation process - results in a product that will last a lifetime. Your new shelves will support 100 pounds, yet glide easily with a touch of a finger.

Wood Frame Construction - Our rolling shelves are constructed of 9-ply, first grade Baltic Birch. This base is then further finished with a baked-on lacquer for lasting durability. 9-ply Baltic Birch is highly regarded for its strength and wear resistance.

Industrial Strength Rails - Our rails have self encased steel ball-bearings (which means you never have to oil them), all of our rails are full extension, and will support 100 pounds of weight while still being able to roll with ease.

Melamine Bottom - Our birch coloured melamine bottoms are selected for their ease of use, and low maintenance appeal.

Removable Shelf - By pushing down on the safety clips on the side of our shelves you can safely and easily remove the shelf offering access to areas such as plumbing under sinks, and the opportunity to clean behind and under the pull-out shelves.

Our Gliding Shelf pull-out shelves are available in various depths. These include 3”, 5”, 7” and 9” perfect for tray bins. Optional add-ons include dividers for separating or supporting items, spice rack trays and “risers” that stack one shelf on top of another to increase the usable space under sinks. We also offer a blind corner solution that makes previously unusable space, usable!

A basic Melamine line, in limited sizes, is available as a low cost alternative to Birch.

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Our gliding shelves are custom made. Your individual requirements and space measurements will all factor into the total cost of your project.

Please contact us for more information on the products and services we offer, or to book an appointment for a free consultation. We are dedicated to providing you with customized Gliding Shelf Solutions catered to your unique needs and will never pressure you into a purchase. We are happy to help!

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